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I Heart Guts Plush Toys

I Heart Guts Plush Toys Just when you thought there was a plush toy of every kind already, along comes this crazy and unique plush toy concept. The I Heart Guts line of plush toys is not of the typical variety. These are well designed and brightly colored plush stuffed toys that resemble body organs. […]

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I have personally searched high and low online and off to fine weird products and unique gift ideas that I would either love to own myself, or have already purchased.

Weird Products FAQs

What is
This site is an online collection of weird, wacky, and unusual products that I have either purchased in the past, or maybe plan to purchase as gifts.

Where do you find the weird products on this site?
Anywhere, and everywhere. Any time I come across something (or purchase something) weird, both online and offline, I find out if it can be purchased online, and put it up on this site. I try to give as much detail as I possibly can based on extensive research, but when you click through to the store’s website, you will find plenty of information there.

Is this a store? Do you make money on this stuff?
Sort of, and yes. I don’t actually have bulk amounts of these products sitting in my basement or in some dusty old warehouse, so technically I am not a store. However, I am completely open and honest about the fact that this is an affiliate site, which means I will make a small percentage on anything that is purchased from any of the sources I have linked to. Think of it as buying me a cup of coffee for steering you towards some cool unique gift ideas.

What is the “Weird Deals” all about?
The “Weird Deals” is a page that I periodically update with specials, deals, coupon codes and so on. Bookmark that page and come back to it before you make any online purchases. It may save you some money.

You mentioned that you have actually bought some of the weird products on this site. Which ones?
If you look at the products pages carefully, on some of them you will find a green circle indicating that I personally own that particular weird product.

How often do you add weird products or update this site?
As often as I possibly can. I pretty much add new weird products and not so weird products on a daily basis.

Why are some of the “weird products” links red?
The red weird products links indicate that I have created a “store” section for that particular weird product category. For example, I found some candy that I thought I could review. But I was unable to top at just one or two. I had so much fun researching all the different sweets and candy from past decade that are being created by modern day companies and being sold online. So instead of picking one or two, I decided to create a candy “store” or special section just for candy and candy related things.

What is the deal with the “Not Weird” section?
I understand that at the moment, my “Not Weird” section seems quite bizarre and disjointed. I will be honest and say that for now I am simply trying to upload as many products as I can for the upcoming Christmas season. The plan is to begin sorting them in common categories and to redesign this entire home page. Scrolling through the “Not Weird” section, or any of the weird products sections for that matter, will hopefully help you brainstorm for gift giving ideas for all occasions.

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