Adult Training Wheels


adult training wheels

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The adult training wheels shown here are only one of many examples of what is available from this source.
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The adult sized training wheels you see here are the Bike USA Stabilizer Wheel Kit. This converts your bike into a tricycle (well, technically a quad). Adult training wheels don’t have to be quite this complex or high quality. See more images and details about this one or others through the following link:
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Great for people who are learning to ride later in life. Also good for the elderly, the over weight, or people recovering from injury, or the disabled. Plenty of good customer reviews to read through.


Some versions may not ship internationally outside of the U.S. Obviously the product shown here is more of a stabilizer than a training wheel, but others are available. Simply click through the provided links to start browsing.


adult junior training wheels sunlite

These training wheels to the left are for both adults and kids alike. These ones are adjustable from 20 inch to 26 inch bicycle wheels. The training wheels themselves are 6 inch wheels with rubber tires surrounding them. They are good for most sizes but there is a 220 lb (220 pound) weight limit in total. This includes the weight of the person plus the weight of the bike.


evo ez trainer adult support wheels 

This is the Evo EZ trainer adult bike support wheels. These are 16 inch side wheels good for mountain, road, or hybrid bicycles. The width allows for entry into most standard doorways, and the wheels are quite large for more adult use, such as mountainous terrain or rough surfaces. Creates a good support system for adults who need extra stability due to a disability, or just for training in general.

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