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advertising balloons

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Shown here is just one example of available advertising balloons. Browse all options through the following link:
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As stated, what you see in the image to the left is only one example of available marketing balloons. This one is the red 6 Ft. Reusable Polyurethane Helium Balloon. 
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Highly effective technique for advertising your business, especially for sales and events. Draw attention to your business with one or several brightly colored advertising balloons. This one is reusable, so you are not wasting your money on a one time purchase.


I usually base the pros and cons on customer reviews and feed back, but this particular product does not currently have any reviews at all. Read all product descriptions carefully before purchase.


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grand opening balloons


These Qualitex brand brand balloons are specifically for a grand opening. They come as a package of 50 random colors. The colors are an assortment of the ones you see in this image. These are helium quality balloons that will expand to 11 inches inflated. Obviously, these balloons to not come inflated, you have to take care of that on your end. Click the image for more details about these exact advertising balloons.


sale hot air balloon airblown with banner


This advertising balloon is an attractive 15 foot tall balloon that looks like a hot air balloon. I am 6 feet tall, so this balloon would be like stacking 2 and a half of me head to toe! There are four different banners that come with it. The banner you can see in this picture says “sale”, but it also includes banners that say “Big Sale Today”, “Open House”, and “Grand Opening Sale”. This advertising balloon would get more than one use, as you can use it for your grand opening, then again whenever you have a sale. You could even borrow it from your business when you need to sell your home. Perhaps you could even consider renting it out to other businesses.


portable dual nozzle balloon blower pump




Of course, if you purchase an advertising balloon, any large balloon, or a package of many balloons, then you will likely want some sort of pump or blowing tool to assist you in the inflation process. Here is one example of a quality portable blower pump to speed up the process. This one is the dual nozzle pump by Excelvan. Click the image for details about this one or a variety of others.


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