Battleshots Drinking Game

battleshots drinking game

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“You sunk my liver!”

The official Battleshots game shown here comes with everything shown in this image. However, one thing to note is that this exact version is not always available, and you may need to settle for a knock off version.

Pretty straight forward. The Battleshots Drinking game is kinda like the game Battleship, but with bad breath. Here’s how you play:

1. While sitting opposite your opponent, set up your official Battleshots dry erase privacy shields and Battleshots mats on a flat surface.

2. Each opponent will place their shot glasses on the circles on the dry erase mat in a pattern that is  hidden from their opponent. The shot glasses can be placed anywhere, but they must be laid out like battleships in the following way:
3 shot glasses = Battleship
2 shot glasses = Destroyers
1 shot glass     = Submarines

3. The Battleshots Drinking Game mat has coordinates labeled A to F along the left side for the horizontal columns, and numbers 1 through 7 along the top for the vertical columns. The Battleshots privacy shield is also your Battleshots coordinator map.

4. Time to play the Battleshots Drinking Game! Flip a coin to see who goes first. Let’s assume you in the coin toss. You will call your shot by guessing a coordinate represented by one letter and one number. If it is a “hit”, your opponent must drink from that glass, and you can then mark the associated circle with an “X” on your Battle shots coordinator map, and you get to take another turn. If it is a miss, then you would draw an “O”, and your turn is now over.
5. The loser is the one who has had all of their “Battleshots” sunk, and is now required to drink all remaining Battleshots on their mat.

This Battleshots Drinking Game comes with the following items:

Battleshots Drinking Game Boards
Battleshots Drinking Game Dry Erase Privacy shields
2 Dry Erase Markers
16 Shot Glasses


The Battleshots Drinking Game winner avoids liver damage.


The Battleshots Drinking Game loser gets liver damage! On a serious note however, this exact game is not always available for purchase online, but other versions are usually available. You can make your own if you are into drunken arts and crafts, but it is much cooler and easier to get the official Battleshots board game already built for you.

Battleshots Drinking Game  FAQs:

Do you have to use alcohol to play the Battleshots Drinking Game?
Yes! It must be alcohol! Anything other than alcohol will cause the game board to mutate into a giant jellybean that spits fireballs and hand grenades.

What is Battleship?
It is a game from a long time ago before the internet that was totally awesome to play with your friends for about a day until you slowly lost all the pieces over the years.

More Drinking Game options

drunken ship drinking game

Shown here is a drinking game called Drunken Ship, which is kind of a knock off of the Battleshots game. Exact same gaming premise, but a bit of a different look and feel to it. You might have no other option but to buy a version like this when the official version is unavailable for online purchase. Click the image for more game play pictures and product details.

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