Camera Lens Mug

camera lens mug

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The Canon Mugs camera lens mugs are among the coolest and most unique ways to enjoy a drink and fool your friends at the same time!

Does not function as a real camera lens, but it functions as a real mug or cup holder…or soup holder, or last night’s spaghetti holder, or pill holder, or “illegal substances hider”….or…whatever.

Try bragging to your friends and co-workers about how much money you spent on this brand new camera, and all it’s fancy picture taking features. Then, at lunch time, pour hot coffee into the lens mug!
Watch the confusion ensue!


This lens mug looks very close to an actual camera lens. Other styles are available from other makers.
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The Canon lens mug can be washed safely in the dishwasher. It may not be a perfect replica, but customers who have purchased these cups have reported that it is similar enough to temporarily fool people. Including “photographically inclined” people. Also similar enough to please photography lovers who you buy this for as a gift.


Though the Canon cup lens mug does come with a decent water tight lid, it is not recommended for traveling in a backpack, or anywhere where it may be at risk of spillage. The lid could potentially come off, or the sipping device on the lid could come open. Treat the lens mug like a regular travel mug and you should be ok.

My Conclusion: If you have a photography fan in your life, or you are one yourself, the Canon Mug lens (or any other version of the cup lens) would make for a cool novelty gift idea. You or they would get good use out of it, but don’t expect something that will be a 100 percent perfect depiction of a real lens. Very close though.

thermo lenscup stainless steel tumbler

This here includes a tumbler feature and is much taller than the lens mugs shown above. Click this image for more details and choices.

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