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    The Reel Roaster Marshmallow stick can be used for marshmallows or anything else that you can skewer over [...]

Name a Star Gift Box


    Now with the Name A Star Gift Box, you can finally follow through on those empty cheesy [...]

    The blanket shown above is the “Tuffo” brand waterproof blanket is great for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, [...]

    The Knot Genie Detangling Brush is more than just your typical hair brush. This brush will change [...]

  The Credit Card Survival tool is a multi tool that fits in your wallet very easily. Perhaps not the “weirdest” [...]

    The Waterproof Headphones with the Waterproof mp3 player, and Waterproof Carrying case will allow for underwater [...]

    If you are bored of the same old same old messages in the fortune cookies you [...]

Waterproof Wallet


    The Waterproof Wallet is made by a variety of brands and come in different styles and sizes. You [...]

    The adult training wheels shown here are only one of many examples of what is available from this [...]

Soda Dispenser

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    Shown here is a Soda Dispenser with a decent amount of customer reviews. However, many others are available, [...]