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Do you know someone that never shuts up, and you’ve fantasized about putting out a cigarette in their [...]

This rabbit really loves his carrot. I mean, really really loves his carrot. A nesting fork and spoon [...]

Door stoppers don’t have to be chunks of ugly wood. They can be creative, like the leaf door [...]

Avocado Holder


Save your avocado in an avacodo shaped avacodo Holder. Also has a strap to hold it in. Avocados [...]

Just because you are all grown up now, doesn’t mean you can’t still play with your old toy [...]

This looks like a kid’s DJ toy, and it kind of is. It’s actually dinner set. So much [...]

The Hemmingway Typewriter Pen holder adds an element of class to your desk. Or maybe just pretentiousness. Check [...]

A great way to prank the most mechanically inept person in your world. Blinker fluid is good for [...]

Of all the delicious looking inflatable things, this one is my favourite. However, with the missing bite chunk, [...]

Creep out your friends, but then after the joke gets old quickly, take it down and pack it [...]