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Cat Paw Chair Socks


You have to protect your floors anyway. Might as well be creative with it. Give your furniture soft [...]

Do you have troubles waking up? Do you have a bad habit of hitting the snooze button? This [...]

Chewbacca Fur Koozie


Everyone already knows you are a huge nerd, might as well show it off out in the open. [...]

The perfect mix of childhood, and adulthood. Play with Lego while you have your morning coffee. The mug [...]

Burrito Blanket


Go stuff yourself…in this blanket that looks like a burrito. You are the main ingredient. More pics and [...]

Why should you be the only one to relax with a cold one after work. Fido had a [...]

This Fuzzy Wuzzy kitty steals your coins to help you save money to afford better cat food. You [...]

You’ve popped many bubbles in your life, and you have even discovered catchable bubbles. Now you can also [...]

No Trespassing – We’re tired of hiding the bodies. Every property owner can relate to this. It’s also [...]

Foodie Dice


Not just for a “Foodie” necessarily , but also a great way to come up with dinner plans [...]