The blanket shown above is the “Tuffo” brand waterproof blanket is great for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, [...]

    The Knot Genie Detangling Brush is more than just your typical hair brush. This brush will change [...]

  The Credit Card Survival tool is a multi tool that fits in your wallet very easily. Perhaps not the “weirdest” [...]

    The Waterproof Headphones with the Waterproof mp3 player, and Waterproof Carrying case will allow for underwater [...]

    Unfortunate Fortune Cookies If you are bored of the same old same old messages in the [...]

Beer Belt


    The Beer Belt is a great gift idea for the boozer in your life. Why get up for another beer, [...]

    Don’t worry, these baby tattoos are not real and they are safe. They are FDA approved and wash [...]

Bottle Cap Tripod

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Never be without a tripod ever again. The bottle cap tripod fits over the lid of most bottles. [...]