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Get Chewed up gum fridge magnets here!   They look like real chewed up pieces of gum, but in [...]

USB Pet Rock


Get a pet rock here! The famous pet rock took the world by storm many decades ago. Of [...]

Get one here! This is the free market at work here people. Simple supply and demand. The world [...]

Buy it Here! This is exactly as it sounds. A paperback coloring book with adult themes and subject [...]

Get One Here Charge your devices while just walking to school or work. Assuming it’s a sunny day [...]

Get the Smartphone Paper Airplane System here! Attach the receiver and propeller system to your paper airplane and [...]

Get the Smartphone Projector here! A cool combination of modern technology and old school technology. I have seen [...]

Get Exploding Kittens here! From the creators of “The Oatmeal”, Exploding Kittens is a fun and family friendly [...]

Ozobot Robotic Toy


Get Ozobot and accessories here! Seriously, one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. [...]

Get the electronic sudoku game here! Go paperless and never run out of puzzles. 10000 Sudoku puzzles of [...]