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Get the electronic sudoku game here! Go paperless and never run out of puzzles. 10000 Sudoku puzzles of [...]

Get a Thunder Tube here! I’m not sure exactly how this is made and the inner workings, but [...]

Get this kids alarm clock here! Need some extra time in bed in the morning for sleep, or [...]

Get this funny putter game and more here! “get in the hole!” This bareback contraption is eager and [...]

Grab these Schwetty Balls here! Is this joke still going? For the younger people who don’t really get [...]

Get this drinking game or others here! As if just drinking wasn’t enough to have a good time. [...]

Giant Microbes


Get Giant Microbes here! You have probably already seen the plush body parts and organs elsewhere on this [...]

Syringe Shot Pens


Get these awesome pens here! Do you have a writing addiction, or know someone who does have a [...]

Get the Creative Cursing Generator book here! People always say that cursing shows a lack of intelligence and [...]

Mathematics Clock


Get this funny clock or other funny clocks here! For the math nerd. Definitely not for me though. [...]