Chew Chew Train

chew chew train place setting

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The Chew Chew Train is a creative way to serve dinner to the kids, but it’s also a space saving way to organize the kids’ dinner plates and dishes. This is a complete set of kids’ dishes organized in the shape of train.

Made up of the following 6 pieces (7 if you count the bowl lid as a “condiment tray”):

Cup: Makes the engine of the train. Holds 14.3 ounces. The handle is the “steam”.

Bowl: Square bowl with a lid. The lid is not reliable enough for transport, but you could remove it and use it as a “condiment” tray.

Plate: The long red rectangular base of the chew chew train (purple on the other one).

Tray: Square red tray (purple on the other one) that sits inside the plate under the cup.

Spoon: Snaps onto the pegs at the side of the wheels on the right hand side of the chew chew train.

Fork: Snaps onto the pegs on the left hand side of the chew chew train.

chew chew train pink funwares


This one is basically the exact same Chew Chew train as the one seen above, and is also from the Funwares brand. The only difference here is the pink and purple colors for a more girly look. This image shows the dinner set laid out in the various parts discussed above. Click the image for more details and pictures. You will also be able to read customer reviews.

pink princess platter funwares


Similar to the Chew Chew train concept, this one is called the princess platter. This is another ingenious kid’s dinner set by Funwares. Rather than the dishes assembling to become a train, this one assembles to become a princess palace. To see the various parts and assembly images, click this picture you see here.

knights meal funwares


Just like the princess platter shown above, this is very similar in concept, but this is the knight’s meal dinner set. This image shows the castle all laid out in it’s various dishes. The princess platter pretty much has the same dishes but the design is slightly different. Read more details about this dinner set and other kid’s dishes by clicking this image and others on this page.

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