Dogbrella Pet Umbrella

dogbrella pet umbrella

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The Dogbrella keeps your dog nice and dry while you walk in the rain. Obviously a combination of the words “dog umbrella”. However, these are made for pets of other kinds and sizes. A down pour is no longer an excuse to stay inside and not get your exercise. Shown above is just one example, and they come in different sizes and styles. Check out all pet umbrellas through the following link:
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The Dogbrella brand of pet umbrella shown above is clear with a 29 inch diameter for smaller pets. The handle is an easy grip design with a built in leash.
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Pros: Review ratings are somewhat mixed but lean a bit more to the upside. The Dogbrella does as advertised and keeps water and snow off your dog.

Cons: Some people noted that the material is a bit cheap and on the flimsy side. Another customer has pointed out that the leash was just a little too long and the dog would get a bit wet when it attempts to check out a tree where the umbrella will not fit. Read all reviews good and bad for yourself through the links provided above.

Whether you need a doggie umbrella or a cat umbrella, or some other type of pet covering device, simply click through any of the links or images to get started.



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