Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

horse head squirrel feeder

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Making fun of woodland creatures is always funny and entertaining for the superior human species. The squirrel either doesn’t understand the joke, or does not care. Either way, they will be all up in there for tasty treats.

The horse head is specifically designed in such a way that the squirrel has no choice but to face the right way, and if you string to just the right height, you will get the hilarious desired result. Have the camera ready to share on social media.

Simply hang this vinyl horse head from the branch of a tree or whatever you can find. The string is not included, but there is a hole at the top for string, elastic band, fishing wire, or whatever does the trick. Something tougher like wire is recommended, as weaker stuff like string can be chewed through.

You can research squirrels to see what they eat, but other users of this product have suggested unsalted peanuts in the shell, birdseed, and sunflower seeds.

Some people have had raccoons attempt to make use of these feeders, and they tend to be much more vicious and can chew the thing apart, so be aware of that. However, it is recommended that you maintain a good supply of seeds or whatever food you are using, this way the animals will chew the food, not the horse mask.

Other versions of the same idea are available, such as a unicorn and other. Many people have posted images of the actual use of this product and they are kinda funny. Check them out through the following link!

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