3 Way Fridge


3 way fridge

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 3 Way Fridge!

The 3 Way Fridge means versatility with 3 different power source modes, including 12 Volt DC, 120 AC, and LP gas (propane). You can get a couple different types, such as the cooler styled refrigeration box you see above, or a variety of stand up fridge styled ones you will find below. Browse available 3 way fridge options through the following link:
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The 3 way fridge shown here is the Porta Gaz Silver 3-Way Portable Gas Refrigerator. Has all power modes mentioned above, and has decent customer reviews. This one is perfect for any camping trip be it a casual outing and just toss this into the trunk, or you can use it for an RV. However, specific RV fridge models kind be found below.
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3 Way Fridge Pros: 

Decent customer reviews, but you can read through them and judge for yourself. Of course, other ones are available also.

3 Way Fridge Cons:

For a bit more money, you can find models that are more efficient, but this one does the trick for the cost.




norcold 3 way fridge


This Norco 3 way fridge is also small and portable, however the reviews on this one are not near as good as the Pota Gaz above.
This one is a stand up style, like a regular fridge but much smaller. Designed for RVs and general camping purposes. This three way fridge has
a layout that is designed with specific sizing and compartmentalizing of your food types. Not the greatest review ratings for this one, but you can judge for yourself.
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dometic 3 way fridge


Similar in style to the Norco, this one here is the Dometic brand 3 way refrigerator. This one contains 1.9 cubic feet in volume of storage space.
This fridge is a basic layout design with two straight racks for any general use. This specific model does not have very good customer feedback comments.
You can read through all kinds of review comments and product details by clicking the images or clicking any of the provided links on this page.
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