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The air cooler you see above is a portable version in white. You can find all kinds and sizes of air coolers and air conditioners besides this one example, by browsing through the entire selection. Do that through the following link:
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The air cooler shown above is the  SPT Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Ionizer. The reviews on this particular air cooling machine are actually somewhat mixed. You would have to read through them yourself to make a sound decision.  An air cooler such as this one differs a bit from an air conditioner in a number of ways. One way being that it uses much less energy than an air conditioner unit. This machine is lightweight, and comes in other sizes than the size you see in the image. This air cooler is remote control operated. Uses ice or water. Has 3 different air fan speeds. Find more images, product details, and pricing information through the following link:
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Pros: Uses less energy than a standard air conditioning unit. Lightweight. Ships relatively quickly right to your door. This air cooler shown comes with a remote control. Three air fan speeds.

Cons: The reviews lean more towards the positive side on this exact machine, but overall the reviews are mixed. One common complaint on this air cooler is the loud noise that it makes. You can read all the reviews both good and bad through the links provided on this page.



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