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Hydraulic Air Jack

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As you can see, this is the Torin Big Red 12 Ton Air Jack. You can use it manually or hook it up to an air compressor. More info on this model or others through the following link:
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Air jack Pros: 

Obvious upside is the 12 ton capacity. Which means you can jack vehicles much larger than a standard car or truck. One customer reported good use to jack up their motor home. I like the fact that this specific version allows for the option to use it manually like a regular hydraulic bottle jack, or use the air compressor attachment. The reviews are mostly positive, which you can read for yourself through the provided links on this page.

Air Jack Cons: 

The same thing that makes this product a positive, may also be a negative if you have no need for it. If you don’t need the strength to lift 12 tons, you would be wasting your cash. Just stick to the standard bottle jacks. One customer did report a leak issue on this exact model. Once again, you can read through the customer reviews and descriptions for yourself. 

Other Jack and Lift Options
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ARB orange bushranger xjack kit


This is the Orange Bushranger X-Jack kit. This is a unique type of jack specifically designed for tricky situations when you need an emergency jack. You can use an air compressor or use the exhaust to pump it up and fill it with air. The air fills the bag, which in turn lifts the vehicle much like a hydraulic system. These are great for in the bush, or in unstable off road conditions. Some people like using these to free up a stuck dune buggy. They are built for stability in unstable situations in the mud.

X jack demonstration


This image is a demonstration showing the X Jack in use. Place the bag in a good spot and start filling it up for a relatively easy lift.

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