Aluminum Ladders

aluminum ladders multi use

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Many styles and lengths of Aluminum Ladders are available, and you can check them all out through the following link:
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The Aluminum Ladders example I have depicted here to the left, is a multi purposes changeable ladder. This one is 12 ‘ long and can be adapted to your needs. All 4 functions shown in the example image are all made from the same individual ladder. You can find more images and details about this one or others through the various links on this page:
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Pertaining to the interchangeable ladder shown, there are many positive customer reviews, and it adapts to whatever your working needs are. It replaces the need for several different ladders and saves space. It is strong and durable, but at the same time the aluminum factor makes it relatively light weight.

One customer described this as a very handy giant swiss army knife. That’s one way to put it I guess.


I did read about one person who found that this ladder had bent after only a few uses rendering it useless as it would no longer fold up. You can read all customer reviews good and bad through the various links on this page and judge for yourself.

telescoping aluminum ladder

This  is a multi purpose telescoping ladder by the Werner brand. This type of ladder comes in extensions up to 13 feet, 17 feet, 22 feet, and 26 feet long. This one shown is the 22 foot version with a 300 pound duty rating. Easy to operate with 28 different heights and positions, including 2 person scaffolding. Click the image for more details.


coleman aluminum step ladder

You can also get smaller ladders and step ladders from this same source. This one shown here is a 2 step aluminum step ladder. This one has extra wide steps for extra stability and safety, but you can browse through to find the right one for your needs. Click the image for more images and product details on this one as well as many others.

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