Astronaut Costume


kids astronaut costume

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Astronaut Costume

You can find an Astronaut Costume in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you are looking for a child size, or adult size, you can find everything you need. You can also find individual accessories, such as the astronaut helmet. To browse all astronaut costumes and accessories, simply click through the following link:
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The Astronaut Costume shown here is the NASA junior sized complete costume. I only picked this one out due to the great number of good customer reviews:
Read more about it or buy it here.

Astronaut Costume Pros: 

Awesome customer reviews overall. Authentic looking, and the kids love it. Read the reviews for yourself.

Astronaut Costume Cons: 

It is always tricky to buy wearable items online. Make sure you do proper measurements before you purchase.

More Astronaut Costume Options
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orange kids astronaut costumes


Another junior sized astronaut costume option seen here is similar to the one above. This one is orange with official NASA logos and U.S. flag embroidered on it. It also includes the black hat you see in this image. CLick the image to see more images and pricing information.

adult astronaut costume



Adults can get into the dressing up action as well. Here you can see an adult version of the white NASA astronaut costume. Very similar to the above children’s version, but made for men. This one also comes in the orange version much like the orange kid’s astronaut costume you see above. Click the image to see more details.

women astronaut costume white



Of course, astronaut costumes are not reserved for men and boys only. You can also get the the female fitting costumes for the ladies and the girls. Simply click on this image for more information about this costume or other astronaut costumes for the ladies.


 Plastic astronaut costume helmet.


As I mentioned above, you can also find astronaut costume accessories to go with the suits. One good example of this, is the plastic astronaut helmet shown here. I wish we had these when I was a kid. Makes the costume complete and more realistic. With this astronaut space helmet, you can use the spring loaded retractable helmet, and a mock boom microphone for pretend communication to ground control. It also includes a built in sound chip with blast off and count down sounds. Click the image for more details.

astronaut costume boots


Once you have the space suit and the helmet, you can complete the realistic astronaut costume with a pair of astronaut boots. These come in the white version you see here, or you can get them in all black. What’s great about these astronaut boots, is that these just go over top of the shoes. This way you can Trick or Treat using outdoor shoes, and keep these boots clean and protected. Read reviews and more product details by simply clicking the image.


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