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Aurora Pens and Stationary

Aurora pens are quality pens that come in a variety of styles. Instead of listing them all here, you can click the following link to browse all available for online purchase.
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The example of Aurora pens I have shown here is the Aurora Ipsilon Satin Black Fine Point Fountain Pen.
Read more about it or buy it here.

Aurora Pens Pros: 

Wonderful gift idea. High quality pens by made Aurora that come as ball point, fountain and others. Customer reviews all seem positive.

Aurora Pens Cons: 

The best ones can be crazy expensive. Depends on your budget.

My Conclusion: Depending on your budget, these are high quality pens that would make for a very classy gift.

More Aurora Pens and Products
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aurora black cartridges


These are Aurora black cartridges. Each pack includes five cartridges. These ones are black, but theyare also available in blue ink as well. Save money buying these in these bulk packages rather than individually. Click the image for more details.

aurora pens rollerball refill


You can find everything you need from this source when it comes to Aurora pens, refills and other similar items. Shown here is one example of an Aurora pen rollerball refill. This particular one is for the medium point pen, but of course, you can browse through and find what you need, such as the fine point pen refill and more. Click the image for more details aboutt his refill or a variety of other Aurora pen products.

aurora styleboards clipboard


A great accessory to your Aurora pens is a handy flat surface to write on. These are the Aurora Styleboards clipboards. Largely made from recycled materials. These come in several different colors aside from the brown one you see here. They also come in gray, purple and red. These Aurora clipboards or more than just an ordinary clipboard. They are scratch resistant, and moisture resistant. They are designed specifically to avoid heat warping and cold cracking. Click the image for more images and product details including pricing and shipping information.

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