Baby Trikes

baby trikes radio flyer

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Baby Trikes are available in many different styles by several different brands, besides the one seen here. The example depicted here is a top selling example with plenty of reviews to read through. See all baby trikes available through the following link:
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The example of  shown here is the Radio Flyer brand top selling push trike. It is designed to allow for pushing like a stroller, or for biking practice for your toddler. This trike comes with a removable snack tray that has a built in cup holder. See more images and details through the following link:
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This particular example of  has a ton of positive customer reviews that you can read. The snack tray is removable, and also includes a cover like the one shown in the image. Allows you to have control like a stroller while also introducing your child to the world of biking.


This exact model may not ship to you if you live outside of the United States. However, others are available aside from this one.

john deere baby trikes

I am cheating just a little bit with this one. Technically you would not call this a “baby trike”, being that this has four wheels and not three. But it is still in the similar category that allows toddlers to ride around. This one is the green and yellow John Deere sit-n-scoot tractor. Click the image for more information.


fly bike foldable indoor outdoor trike

This one is a very cool idea with plenty of great reviews. It is the Fly Bike fold-able indoor outdoor glide trike. It folds up for easy storage, and it is specifically designed to help your child with stability and safety while they learn the basic concepts of bike riding. It is well designed for indoor and outdoor use. They also come in blue or pink that you can choose from when ordering. It is also very quiet which is a great added touch. No assembly is required, which also a great thing. Click the image to read reviews or see more images.

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