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bacon jerky

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Bacon Jerky

Many brands of bacon jerky are available for online purchase. Check them all out by clicking through the following link:
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Although there are a wide variety of bacon jerky brands and packaging styles, the one shown here happens to be the one with the best customer reviews.

This is the Wild Bill’s 3oz Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky Packs (4 re-seal able 3 oz bacon jerky packs per bag)
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Bacon Jerky Pros: 

Good customer reviews, and bacon pretty much goes good on anything. At least for bacon lovers anyway.

Bacon Jerky Cons: 

It’s always a risk buying a food product online when taste is what determines customer satisfaction. What tastes good to one person may be terrible to another. I would recommend ordering from more than one brand and sample them all.

More Bacon Jerky options
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oberto bacon jerky all natural applewood smoked


This here is the Oberto all natural applewood smoked bacon jerky. This one is a top seller with tons of positive customer reviews. Used 100 percent real bacon, and comes in a convenient resealable bag. Click the image for more information.

ultimate bacon jerky gift pack

If you can’t decide what brand of bacon jerky to buy, you can get a 4 pack sampler package as seen here. This four package bacon jerky kit includes Oberto all natural bacon jerky, Trails Best hickory smoked bacon jerky, Wild Bills Bacon Jerky as seen above, and lastly Johnsonville applewood smoked bacon jerky. The contents of each pouch contains real and ready to eat meat jerky snacks. Click the image for much more information on this four package sampler gift pack.

duck dynasty bacon jerky


Not surprisingly, there is also a Duck Dynasty brand of bacon jerky. I say not surprising, because there seems to be a Duck Dynasty version of everything these days. This jerky is hickory smoked. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that I have heard of duck callers, but I have never heard of pig callers. Not too many reviews to speak of for these jerky pouches, but the few that are there are mostly positive. Read more reviews and other information by clicking the image.

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