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Barbie Makeup Styling Head Doll

The Barbie makeup kits and the Barbie makeup styling head doll are both fun for all young ladies who are into everything Barbie (and what girl isn’t?).

The legendary Barbie brand has been a smash hit with young girls for decades. If you are stumped for a gift for a girl, then you can never go wrong with Barbie products.

The Barbie styling head doll is great for any aspiring young makeup artist in the making. Everything you need to give Barbie a makeover is included in the kit.

Style Barbie’s hair, eyes, lips, and nails!

Barbie Makeup Styling Doll includes:
-Barbie Styling Head
-17 accessories
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Barbie Styling Head Pros

Santa brought one of these for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas this year. She loves it and there is no mess around the house from it. At least not in the sense of chemicals, paints and general stains. This uses strictly water only by reacting with the various body parts to create a color change. In other words, you are not actually applying makeup to Barbie’s skin or fingernails, you are simply causing a color changing effect. If she spills a bit of water I don’t really care about that, it’s just water.

Barbie Styling Head Cons

Lime I mentioned above, this makeup doll does not create any actual messes since it just uses water, however there are a lot of small parts that can easily be spread throughout the house if you are not monitoring your child’s play closely. For example, the styling kit includes various fake fingernails that you can put on Barbie’s fingernails. These are small plastic pieces that can get lost easily. I guess the only true complaint I would have about the product is that it does not include a proper carrying case or compartment for all the various pieces. I would recommend that you are the parent of the recipient child are aware of this, and prepare to dedicate a baggy or plastic container to the storage of this styling head.

More Barbie Makeup Options
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barbie makeup kit

Barbie makeup kits let kids give Barbie a makeover on paper, like the one seen in the image on the top left, or (in image below that one) a safe for the skin makeup kit for playing dressup.

Barbie Makeup Kit includes:
6 eye shadow colors, 2 cheek colors, 3 lip colors, and 2 make-up brushes.
-10 colored pencils
-30 foil accessories stickers
-25 Sketch sheets
-Design guide with professional ideas and tips
-Hours of fun


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