Baseball Stirrups


baseball stirrups

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Baseball Stirrups

Baseball Stirrups can be bought through the following link, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Standard baseball stirrups are a long sock with a looped fabric that is worn under the foot.

However, you can also find baseball stirrup socks which mimic stirrups, without the under foot fabric. You can find both styles by clicking through the following link:
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The Baseball Stirrups shown on the left are the typical stirrup style with the “foot piece” that straps under your feet. The ones in the picture happen to be black, but they come in a wide range of colors and styles:
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Baseball Stirrups Pros: 

This source has a wide ranging variety of stirrups and socks, as well as any other baseball related items you need. Reliable and a good price.

Baseball Stirrups Cons:

 Not too many customer reviews to base a decision on.

More Baseball Stirrup options
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built in baseball stirrups


These baseball stirrups are two in one stirrups and socks. The stirrups are actually built into the socks. The pictured stirrups and socks combo shown here are just one randomly selected color out of 16 possible color choices. There is strong chance you will be able to find the right color to match your baseball uniform. Even if you can’t find a perfectly matching color, you should be able to find something very similar, or close enough to do the trick. Also, the shown baseball stirrups here happen to be the adult version of the socks, but you can also get the same sock with built in stirrups concept in youth sizes. Do all of that and more by clicking the image for more images and details.

under stirrup baseball socks


Along with your baseball stirrups, you may also require the standard long styled under stirrup white socks. You can also get these in other colors to match it up with your particular uniform color and style. You can also get the right size ranging from small children to taller adults. Click the image for more details.

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