Bathroom Heaters

bathroom heaters

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Many of the top selling bathroom heaters are offered from this source, other than the one you see pictured above. The one seen above is highly rated, but you can browse through a whole host of good bathroom heaters and wall heaters by clicking through the following link:
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The bathroom heater seen in the image above is the Holmes brand wall mount bathroom heater with a ton of positive customer reviews. Uses easy to operate digital controls. You can preheat the bathroom using the timer. Uses proper outlet plugs designed for the wet bathroom environment. Uses two different heat settings. Though it is designed with the bathroom in mind, you can use it anywhere in the house.
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The bathroom heater discussed above has a ton of positive customer feedback reviews. Read all reviews and judge for yourself by clicking through the provided links on this page.  This heater is wall mounted but can be used safely on the floor as well. Easy to use digital controls. Digital thermostat. Looks cool and not “huge and “clunky” looking.


 While most reviews were positive and glowing, there are a few comments stating that the heater stopped working after a short period of time. Again, you will need to read all reviews and product details carefully before ordering.



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