Beach Bags

Beach bags with matching coin purse attached.

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Beach bags come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The one shown above and others can be found by browsing through all the available beach bags through the following link:
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The example of beach bags shown above is the canvas turquoise blue and brown beach tote bag and it comes with a matching coin purse. You can select from many other styles besides this one. Simply click through any link found on this page to get started.
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The exact beach bags/tote bags shown above have plenty of positive reviews you can read through for yourself. They come with matching coin purses and are available in a wide range of styles besides the star pattern shown above. Water resistant.  Zips to close for safe keeping of your beach items. Very trusted source.



One negative aspect that was mentioned in the product reviews for this exact tote bag was the fact that the zipper did not function very well. I am not sure if this is a common issue on all these beach bags, or just a on off issue. Read all reviews for yourself through any of the links seen on this page.


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