Bedtime Stories for Kids


bedtime stories for kids

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Bedtime Stories for Kids

Buying bedtime stories for kids is a very safe gift idea for anyone you know with children. You can’t go wrong with reading.

Even if you are not looking for a gift idea, you can find great bedtime stories to read to your children by browsing bedtime stories for kids here.

These days, you have many options available for story time as far as the format goes. You can get a good old fashioned book, or a book with “bells and whistles” like buttons that make sounds. You can get mp3s, CDs, and DVDs.

Regardless of the format you need, I think the best choice is to find something in “bulk” so to speak. Meaning, either a pack of multiple bedtime stories, or a some sort of bedtime story compilation. This saves time sifting and sorting for stories that are appropriate for bed time.

More Bedtime Stories for Kids options

snoozers bedtime stories for kids


Snoozers is a 7 short story compilation of kids stories for bedtime. They include, Snoozers, I’m Not Tired, The Big Yawn, Pajamas, Six Sleepy Sheep, Night Sounds, and Silly Lullaby. Click the image for more information about this or other kid’s stories.

old owls fairy tales


Here is one of many bedtime story kindle books you can buy online from this source. This one is called “Old Owl’s Fairy Tales”, which is a collection of bedtime stories by Alice Cussler in a Kindle format that you can buy and download. You can sample this book and others by clicking this image.

iStory books free


If you are unable or unwilling to pay for books online or download books and stories, you can find free options as well. You can find digital media stories for a variety of different platforms whether it be Android, iPhone and so on. Simply click this image to start browsing a whole host of Free iStory books for kids and adults as well.

bedtime stories adam sandler


Since we are on the subject of Bedtime Stories in general, here is a 2009 Adam Sandler movie that happens to be called “Bedtime Stories”. Might not be the best Adam Sandler movie, but it does seem to have plenty of positive reviews. I have not seen this movie myself. This is available in DVD or Blue-ray formats. Click this image for more information including a general synopsis.

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