Bonomo Turkish Taffy

vanilla bonomo turkish taffy

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Bonomo Turkish Taffy was invented by Victor Bonomo. At one point , it was sold through Woolworth’s. They had large sheets of the taffy, and would break off chunks at a time using a hammer. You would then buy your  taffy based on weight.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy is a hard candy that softens and turns chewy as you eat it, and has always been distributed in flavors of vanilla, banana, strawberry, and chocolate. There is also now a wild cherry flavor, and a Blue Raspberry flavor.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy could also technically be placed in the 1940s category given the history of the company, as well as the introduction of the smaller individually sized taffy Bar in that decade. However, it seems to me that the height of it’s popularity would be the 1950s. Either way, it is long before my time, so if anyone cares to correct me, you can comment below.

With the introduction of the Bonomo Turkish Taffy Bar, they rolled out commercials with the catch phrase “Smack it, Crack it….Oh Yeah!” to indicate the need to break it against a hard surface into bite sized pieces.

The kind you see above is the standard vanilla version but they come in a bunch of other flavors.

chocolate bonomo turkish taffy

Here you can see the chocolate version of Bonomo Turkish Taffy, but of course there are other flavors, including banana and strawberry. Click the image to get this version or others. You can also get different packaging and sizing as well.


bite size bonomo turkish taffy

Another great way to get Bonomo Turkish Taffy is by buying a whole bucket of them. At least a bucket full of bite sized versions of them anyway. This assorted container contains chocolate, strawberry,banana and vanilla flavored turkish taffy candies. Not as fun without the satisfaction of smashing and cracking off a nice chew-able chunk, but a nice easy way to enjoy them by the bunches. Click the image for more details and how to buy them.

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