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born sandals

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Born Sandals

Born Sandals come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. You can browse through the various kinds through the following link:
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The Born Sandals you see on display here are amongst the highest in customer satisfaction ratings. Of course, you can check out all other available versions through the links on this page. This particular pair is known as the b.o.c. by Born Women’s Averie Leather Sandals. 

Born Sandals Pros: 

Well received brand with positive customer feedback. The particular pair of sandals depicted on this page have soles that are man made and cushioning.

Born Sandals Cons: 

Not too many negative comments to report, but I did read about a customer who mentioned that they seemed to stretch out after only a few uses. You can read customer reviews for yourself and make your own judgment call. Do that by clicking through the links on this page.

More Born Sandals
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maldives born sandals


These are black Maldives women’s Born sandals. You get get them in other colors besides the black shown here. You can also get them in brick, cymbal, off white, sea blue, blue full grain and light tan. The tall platform measures approximately 1.5 inches high, and these feature an adjustable leather strap. Click the image for more images and product details including how to buy them online.

born kornelia sandals


Here you can see the Born kornelia open toe sandals. The soles have musical notes imprinted on them, and the strap features a black flower. The image you see here is kind of small, but you can click this image for bigger and better images, as well as read reviews and more information about these and other Born sandals.

brown born sandals


These are a unique looking version of Born sandals. Featuring a tall platform approximately 1.25 inches high, two wide straps, as well as a smaller adjustable ankle strap. The brown color you see here is called “whiskey”. This is only one color available for this style of sandal. You can get this same design in colors known as leaf, mouton, black, navy, red, nude or citrico. Click this image for more details and pictures of these sandals and others.

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