Boxed Christmas Cards

boxed Christmas cards check price of the boxed Christmas cards here.

Boxed Christmas Cards

Boxed Christmas cards come in a variety of themes and holiday styles. You can find different box quantities as well. Browse all Boxed Christmas Cards Here.

The boxed Christmas cards I have shown here is among the highest for customer reviews, depicting a sleeping kitten under a Christmas tree, but obviously you would need to browse all the options for the Christmas card theme that suits your needs.

These holiday cards are a glossy finish 10 pack. They depict a cat who had too many holiday treats and is passed out wearing a stocking on it’s head. Comes with 10 cards and 12 envelopes. Not sure why they provide two extra envelopes. Perhaps it’s to compensate for the fact that you will likely write an incorrect address twice.

More Boxed Christmas Card options Clickable Images

holy scene nativity cards   If you are looking for a more Christian or spiritual and holy themed Christmas card, one available version is this one seen here. This is the 18 card and 18 envelope box of Christmas Cards called “A Holy Scene”. You can click the image shown here for more details on this set of boxed Christmas cards and others.

sabuda swirling snowflakes pop up cards   For a more neutral greeting, you can get these season’s greetings pop up snowflakes holiday card. These boxed Christmas cards feature snowflakes that pop up upon opening. This set is called the “Sabuda Swirling Snowflakes”. This box includes 8 cards with 8 envelopes. Click the image for more information.

santa boxed christmas cards   What would Christmas be without Santa Clause? This is a fun Christmas card featuring good old St. Nick and one of his trusted sidekick reindeer. These are traditionally styled boxed Christmas cards that come in sets of 20. That means 20 cards and 20 envelopes. These would be good for kids or for a fun general purpose Christmas gift.

festive forest holiday boxed cards   This is an interesting boxed Christmas cards set depicting a traditional Christmas tree decorated in the snowy woods at night. This would be another example of a generally neutral and multi-purpose holiday card that you can give to just about anyone. Click the image for more images and details.

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