Boxing Boots


boxing boots

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Boxing Boots

Of the many choices in boxing boots available, what you are looking at here is only one example. Find info for this set or many others through the following link:
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What you are looking at here are the Black Title Hi-Top boxing boots. They come in a few different colors. Good customer reviews.
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Boxing Boots Pros: 

These boxing boots are well built for durability and usability. Good positive and informative customer reviews to read through.

Boxing Boots Cons: 

One customer mentioned that it would have been nice had they had a zipper in the back to make for easier removal, however the majority of customer reviews lean positive for the most part. Read all reviews good and bad about this pair, or others, through the links provided on this page.

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title lo top boxing boots


These are a Lo-top style of boxing boots. These ones are black, but they also come in red, blue, and white. There are tons of boxing boots and other boxing supplies from this source, but I selected this pair out of the bunch due to the large number of positive customer reviews that you can read through on your own. Do that by clicking the image for the reviews and the product details.

everlast blue boxing gloves


Along with your boxing boots, you may also need other boxing gear and supplies. These here are a blue set of boxing gloves made by the Everlast brand, which is a well known and popular brand of boxing gear. They come in the blue you see here, or also black and red.  These are a pro design with padding in all the right places to help promote proper punching technique. Click the image to read more about these gloves and other boxing gear.

everlast everfresh head gear


Now that your fists and feet are protected, you should probably also consider protecting your most important asset. Well, probably second most important if you are a guy. Everlast also makes head gear like this black version you see here. Click the image for more product details.

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