Boxing Wraps


boxing wraps

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Boxing Wraps

Boxing Wraps are also known as hand wraps. Very useful for not just boxing, but many other athletic endeavors.
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The Boxing Wraps you see here are hand wraps that come in different colors, made by Everlast. These particular boxing wraps come as a 3 pack including the 3 you see in the image. These ones are 2 inches by 180 inches.
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Boxing Wraps Pros: 

Most customer reviews on this 3 pack are positive. You can read all reviews positive and negative about this or others through the links provided on this page.

Boxing Wraps Cons: 

In the case of this 3 pack, you would have different colors on each hand. If you want to match, you would have to take a look at other options. Do that through any link on this page.

More Boxing Wraps and other Boxing supplies
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everlast evergel hand wraps


Another style of hand wraps is a glove like structured boxing hand protector like what you see here.  Here, you are looking at the Everlast brand evergel hand wraps. These ones are all black, but there is another option for styles as well. Click the image for more details.

hayabusa perfect stretch hand wraps black


These are Hayabusa Perfect Stretch hand wraps. They come in the black color shown in the image here, as well as six other colors including, red, desert sand, steel blue, slate grey, burnt crimson, and dark orchid. The Habayusa wraps use  micro fiber technology to balance the comfort of soft material with the strength of high quality materials for durability. Click the image for more product reviews and product details about these hand wraps and several other options as well.

gel padded meister prowrap hand wrap gloves


These are gel padded hand wraps made by the Meister brand. Very decent reviews on these hand wraps. Mostly positive. Designed for extra knuckle protection and molds correctly to your hand. Click the image for more pictures and buying details.

hand wrap wash bag


Meister makes other products aside from just the hand wraps. After purchasing your new hand wraps, you will require a simple way to wash them. This is a washing bag designed specifically for hand wraps. Place your wraps inside the bag and toss it into the washing machine. Click the image for more details.


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