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bright starts swings

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Bright Starts Swings

The Bright Starts Swing comes in many different versions besides the portable swing version shown here. This one is just an example of many. See all Bright Starts Swing options and other baby swing related products through the following link:
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This Bright Starts Swing example is the Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing. It is portable because of the simplistic way it folds up for travel or storage. This particular baby swing is available in several colors and styles which you can select upon ordering. This one comes in several styles. Very quiet and calming, and many speed settings and music settings.  See more images and read more details through the following link:
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Bright Starts Swing Pros: 

A whole bunch of customer reviews for you to read through, with the vast majority being on the positive side. The folding mechanism is great for travel or storage. It does not take up as much space as those traditional old school tall swings. Very quiet. Many different speed and music settings and options. This source has a ton of other baby swings and other baby related products to browse through.

Bright Starts Swing Cons: 

This particular brand may not ship internationally outside the U.S. depending on your country. Read product details for shipping info.

More Baby Swings options
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bright starts portable swing


Another bright starts swing is this portable up, up and away swing. This one has 6 speed settings that you can adjust and use as your baby gradually grows older and bigger. It can fold up easily for portability and storage. You can also adjust the seat itself in two different ways for the baby’s comfort. Most of the customer review feedback comments are positive about this one, and you can read through them all and judge for yourself. Click the image for more product details and to watch a demonstration video.

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