Bubble Gum Cigars

bubble gum cigars

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Bubble Gum cigars are an old school classic candy that is now made by a variety of different brands. They also come in many different colors and flavors. In the case of the three flavored package pictured above, these are fruit, mint, and banana flavored.

While some people may consider candy cigars as somewhat controversial, much like the candy cigarettes that have been banned in some places, these are still a very popular and nostalgic candy. A very common use of bubble gum cigars, and other types of candy cigars, is to celebrate the birth of a child. Obviously, you would purchase blue ones if it is a boy, and conversely, pink for girls. This stems from an old fashioned tradition when the child birth was celebrated by smoking a cigar if the child is a boy, or by eating a box of doughnuts if the child is born a girl.


Very good customer reviews to read through for the package shown above. Many different flavors and colors available. As i mentioned, a common use for these are to celebrate child birth, and while bubble gum may not be the healthiest thing in the world, it probably beats smoking a real cigar. Also, it allows for the younger children to join the celebration as well.


Ordering edible products online can sometimes be a gamble since there is no way to taste test the product or sample it before ordering. Just keep in mind that if a reviewer rants and raves about how wonderfully delicious their cigars were, that doesn’t mean you will agree.


As discussed above, a popular use of bubble gum cigars is to celebrate the birth of a child without the nasty smell of real cigar smoke. Click the image for more details about these “it’s a boy” bubble gum cigars.


it's a girl pink bubble gum cigars

Of course, El Bubble also makes the pink “It’s a girl” version of the bubble gum cigars. You can get any of these in 36 cigar packs like these, or get smaller quantities if you don’t need that many. These are a great idea for parents to announce the gender of the newborn, or just to celebrate the birth in general.

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