Bulk Candles


bulk candles

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Bulk Candles

Many options are available for buying Bulk Candles.
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The Bulk Candles shown here are the 72 candle pack which includes the candles and holders you see in the picture to the left.

Mainly I chose this particular example due to the many positive customer reviews.

Bulk Candles Pros:

Plenty of product specific customer reviews to read through to help you make a sound buying decision. This is a very well known and highly trusted online shopping source. Buying most things in bulk will save you money, especially if you are looking for larger quantities for a big function. If you are preparing for an event such as a wedding, you can quickly order these online and check another thing of your shopping and to do lists and move on to more important issues.

Bulk Candles Cons:

Read all the product details carefully, as some of the professional product photography can make the candles and their holders look much more higher in quality than they actually are. Some are good, and some not so much. Take all the customer reviews to heart and read them all before ordering.

More Bulk Candles Options
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darice unscented votive bulk candles


If you are looking for a large amount of candles for relatively inexpensive, and super fancy is not that high on your priority list, then you can buy a box of 30 bulk candles like the ones you see pictured here. These are white Votice candles for general purposes. These are unscented and will burn for an estimated 12 hours each. Click the image for more product and buying details.

led tea light candles


If you need bulk candles that do not burn real flames, such as in an indoor situation, you might be interested in buy bulk packs of LED candles, such as these LED tea lights shown here. This particular package includes 24 LED tea lights that glow amber in color to mimic a real flame, but they do not emit any heat. Not only do they glow, but they also flicker to give a realistic fire feel. You can re-use these over and over, but they do require batteries to operate them. Click the image for more details about this pack or others.

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