Bulk Tissue Paper


bulk tissue paper

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Bulk Tissue Paper

Save money buying Bulk Tissue Paper online. What you are seeing on this page is just one simple example of many options. See all options through the following link:
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As I said, the Bulk Tissue Paper you are seeing here is the Bulk Basic White Tissue Paper 15″ x 20″ – 100 Sheets.
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Bulk Tissue Paper Pros: 

Save money buying in bulk. The customer reviews are fantastic. Many colors and package quantities available.

Bulk Tissue Paper Cons: 

I Could not find any glaring negative things to report but you can read all customer reviews both good and bad through the links on this page.

Bulk Tissue Paper
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bulk tissue paper multi color


You can also get bundles of various colors in one package. This pack includes 100 sheets of various colors of tissue paper. The dimensions of these are 26 inches by 20 inches. They call this the rainbow party bonus bag. Click the image for more information about this particular bulk tissue paper package.

pacon spectra assorted color tissue pack


Another available pack is this 100 sheet pack of Pacon Spectra assorted color tissue pack. These are 12 inches by 18 inches in dimension, and they range across 25 colors. Click the image for more details about this pack.

yellow tissue balls


You can also get pre-designed tissue paper shapes and designs like this yellow tissue paper ball. You can find other similar products, but this one is a package of a dozen (12) tissue paper balls approximately 8 inches tall. Some simple assembly is required as they don’t come exactly as shown. Click the image for more details about this one, or to find other similar products.

jillson roberts christmas printed tissue


Another way to buy bulk tissue paper is in festive form. These are packages of 4 sheets of tissue paper. The dimensions are 20 inches by 30 inches. These are the Jillson Roberts Christmas printed tissue packs. The design is known as the “ornamental splash”. Great for holiday crafts. Clcik the image for more details about these and other similar tissue products.

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