Bulk Wine Glasses


bulk wine glasses

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Bulk Wine Glasses

The Bulk Wine Glasses shown here are just one example of many available. Check them all out through the following link:
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As I mentioned, these Bulk Wine Glasses are only one version. I picked these out because of the great customer reviews. These are the Libbey Vina 12-Piece Stem-less Red and White Wine Glasses with Monogram.
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Bulk Wine Glasses Pros: 

Good amount of positive customer reviews to rely on, which is always a good sign.

Bulk Wine Glasses Cons: 

The positive feed back seems to far out weigh the negative, however some of the few negative ones tend to be regarding shipping issues rather than the product itself. Read all reviews good and bad on the product pages through the links I have provided on this page.

More Bulk Wine Glass options
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plastic wine glasses


You can also get plastic wine glasses in bulk like the ones you see here. This is a 25 piece set of plastic cups standing 6 inches tall. These glasses contain 8 fluid ounces of capacity. Some simple assembly is required. Click the images for more details.

govino wine glass shatterproof


These are very interesting bulk wine glasses. These have an ergonomic thumb notch for better handling of the glass. Not only do they have a very cool thumb notch as shown in the image, but they are also designed to be shatterproof. The thumb notches are also very useful in that filling to the notch is 6 ounces, and filling to the brim is 16 ounces. This helps you measure drink mixes accurately. You can buy these in 4 packs, 8 packs, or 12 packs. Click the image for more product details.

plastic disposable wine glasses


If you need something that can be used for a large function and allows for easy clean up, then these plastic wine glasses would be the perfect choice. These are disposable glasses that hold 5 ounces of fluid. They are also relatively inexpensive given that you will get 144 disposable wine glasses in a bulk package. They do come in two separate pieces  that will require some simple assembly when you receive them. As you can see in this image if you look closely, you can see an example of what they look like in two components. The actual glass part connects to the base. You will have to balance out the time saving of easy cleaning with the time it would take to put together 144 disposable wine glasses. Click the image for much more details on these and other bulk wine glasses.

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