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camping fridge

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Camping Fridge

Browse all Camping Fridge options through the following link. They come in a wide selection of styles and price ranges:
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The camping fridge shown here has great positive reviews. It is the ARB Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart.
Read more about them or buy them here.

Camping Fridge Pros: 

Plenty of good customer reviews to go on, which is always a good sign. Simple to use controls, and many have reported a long lasting life.

Camping Fridge Cons: 

Not too many negative comments overall, but you can read through all customer comments by clicking through any link on this page. Depending on your budget, it may be on the costly side.

More Camping Fridge options
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koolatron electric trave cooler


This one is more of a cooler than a fridge, but it serves the same purpose. This is a smaller traveling electronic refrigeration pack. A mini cooler with pockets to put other items that you may need to carry with you on a camping or hiking trip. You can fit plenty of items in this small cooler, as you can see by looking at the image. This is the Koolatron 26 quart soft sided electric travel cooler. This is a top selling product with plenty of customer reviews, most of which lean to the positive side. This cooler is operational using a 12 volt adapter for the car’s cigarette lighter plugin. Read more details about this one and others by clicking the image.

basecamp fridge freezer


Up towards the much higher end of the cost and quality scale, you will find one of these impressive fridge. This is more than just a basic camping fridge. This is a heavy duty product that is designed with rough work sites in mind. The exterior is tough enough to handle tying circumstances, and with plenty of interior space to hold stuff for you and for others. You can choose from two different sizes. There is a temperature readout that works remotely to give you the exact temperature of the interior. It also comes with a variety of other bells and whistles so to speak. You can read all product details and read customer reviews by clicking the image.

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