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camping heaters

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Camping Heaters

If you are looking for a camping heater or portable heater of any kind, you need to do your homework to find the right one for you. Many styles and features are available.
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The camping heater shown here is amongst the highest customer review ratings, but there are many to choose from. This one is the Coleman Sportcat catalytic portable camping heater.

This particular Coleman camping heater has a catalytic converter to use propane to produce heat.

The fact that this propane burning process produces a flame-less heat is what makes it safe for indoors, like a tent, cabin, garage, RV etc. As we all know, you should never use a flame heater in a non vented space for the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. This machine is a great solution.
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Coleman Camping Heater Pros: 

Great for indoor use, and very portable. It also comes with a detachable base for stability.

Coleman Camping Heater Cons: 

According to the customer reviews, there seems to be a minor issue with these things producing a nasty smell for the first usage. But after “breaking it in” it seems to work quite well and has many positive reviews. Judge for yourself of course.

My Conclusion: Aside from the smelly initial setup, I would trust this camping heater for safety. It is a well known brand name, and many people have used it. Many other options are available though, so browse them all through any of the links on this page.

More Camping Heater options
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portable buddy propane heater


This is the portable Mr. Heater safe for indoors heater. Ideal for spaces up to 200 square feet. This heater will automatically shut itself off if it is tipped over, or if it detects a lack of oxygen, or if the pilot light goes out. On top you can see the very convenient handle that folds down for storage. This heater runs off of propane. Click this image for more details about this heater or other camping heaters.

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