Candy Floss Machine


Candy Floss Machine

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Candy Floss Machines

Candy Floss Machines, also knows as cotton candy machines, can now be made at home on your very own personal machine. You don’t have to wait for the annual fair to enjoy this sweet treat.
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Cotton candy and candy floss are pretty much the same thing, it is just different wording depending on the country you live in.
I think an electric candy floss machine would make for an amazing unique gift. Everyone expects the stereotypical toaster as a wedding gift, but who on earth would be expecting a cotton candy machine? Nobody!
Depending on the amount of space in your home, and your budget, you can choose from a wide selection of models. They range from this relatively inexpensive model seen in the image, which sits on your counter top, all the way up to larger versions with wheels. 

Generally speaking, cotton candy making machines work using a simple process of spinning and heating your favorite candy, which is then wrapped onto a stick for your mobile pleasure!

Simply place hard candy in the middle, turn on the switch, and let the magic begin!

More Candy Floss Machine options
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carnival cotton candy maker pink


For a bit of nostalgia, you can also find candy floss machines like this one with old style wagon wheels. Just like the model shown above, this is a machine that turns hard candy into cotton candy. This one also features a clear plastic rim so you can watch the making of the cotton candy. The kit comes with 2 re-usable plastic cones and a sugar scoop. Designed to be easily cleanable in the way it comes apart. Read more details and see more images by clicking this picture shown here.

auto breeze cotton candy floss machine


On the much higher quality and therefore cost side of things, is this more industrial styled candy floss machines. This is the gold medal Auto Breeze cotton candy machine. Click the image to read reviews and see more product details.

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