Car Phone Holder

car phone holder

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Many different Car Phone Holder options are available and range in features and costs. The one I depicted here is only one of many examples. I chose this one due to the high amount of customer reviews and the fact that it is a top seller.

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This Car Phone Holder is the iOttie One Touch Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount Holder for iPhone 4S/5, Galaxy S4/S3/S2, HTC One DROID RAZR HD. Adjust and locks the phone into place, and has a very strong suction cup.
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Like I said above, this particular Car Phone Holder has literally thousands of customer reviews to read through, and the overall average rating is vastly positive. You can read through reviews, see more images, and more product details through the links on this page.


Given that the reviews are mostly positive and in a large quantity, I would recommend reading through a bunch of them and making your own judgment call on this one.

imagnet cradle less universal phone mount

This one shown here is the iMagnet cradle-less car phone holder. Using magnet technology rather than a traditional cradle, allows for a more universal sizing feature. It also makes it more hands free as you can quickly snap your cell phone to the magnetic base without having to be perfectly accurate. The magnet technology used for this device is an estimated two times stronger than typical suction cups that are used for some types of holders. See more details about this car phone holder and others by clicking the image you see here.


universal car rearview mirror phone holder mount

If you prefer your car phone holder to be up higher in plain view, you can get a variety of phone holding mounts like this one that attach to the rear view mirror. This one is universal for many types of cell phones and smartphones. You do not have to worry about suction cup marks on your window. Click the image for more details about this exact phone mount or other similar ones.

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