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cat flaps

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Cat Flaps

Shown here is a top selling example of Cat Flaps from this source. To see more Cat Flaps, simply click through the following link:
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As I mentioned, this is only one example of Cat Flaps you can view or buy online from this source. This one is the Perfect Pet Tubby Kat Cat Door with 4 Way Lock And LEXAN Flap.
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Cat Flaps Pros: 

Tons of awesome reviews to read through regarding this specific cat door. Most reviews are positive, but you can read them all through the links on this page.

Cat Flaps Cons: 

Some customer comments make reference to a faulty locking mechanism on this exact model. You can read all reviews for yourself, and take a look at other versions as well through any of the provided links you see on this page.

More Cat Flap options
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petsafe two way locking cat door


This is the Pet Safe brand two way locking pet door. The cat flap part is mostly transparent. You can lock it easily with a sliding locking mechanism. Click the image for more details about this top selling cat door.

carlson walk thru gate pet door


Another unique type of cat door is this interesting idea shown here. This is a basic looking pet gate but with a twist. There is also an optional pet door located at the bottom of the gate. This way you have the option to contain larger pets while allowing a smaller pet to go through. It also allows your to keep the gate permanently installed and just open the smaller cat door only when needed. Click the image for more information about this one or others.

sureflap microchip cat door


A common issue when using standard cat flaps and pet doors in general, is that you are creating a gateway into your home for not just your pets, but the whole neighborhood’s pets as well. Using the latest technology, you can now keep all potential furry intruders on the outside using microchip pet doors like the one you see here. This one is the Sure flap microchip cat door, but there are others. It simply recognizes your cat’s microchip as an identification key to unlock the cat flap. Read more about how these work and read reviews and product details by clicking the image you see here.

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