Cat Litter Trays


cat litter trays

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Cat Litter Trays

Many Cat Litter Trays are offered through this source. The one shown here is just one good example. Check them all out through the following link:
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The Cat Litter Trays example seen here is the Forever Litter Tray The Permanent ScoopFree Compatible Litter Tray — The Greener and More Economical Alternative to Disposable Cardboard Cartridges.
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Cat Litter Trays Pros: 

Great alternative to cardboard, and the customer reviews are mostly positive and plentiful. There are many more options than just this one, and it would be best if you browsed through them all through the various links on this page and make the right purchase for your specific needs.

Cat Litter Trays Cons: 

I did not notice any major flaws regarding this exact product, but feel free to read through all reviews both positive and negative on this one and others as well. You can do this through the provided links on this page.

More Cat Litter Trays
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scoopfree litter tray refills


Once you have your cat litter tray, you will need scoop free litter tray refills. The ones you see here are disposable premium blue crystals liners. These ones come as a six pack. Click the picture for many more details about these or others.

petfusion smartgrip cat litter mat


You may also need to consider other litter tray and litter box accessories as well. One convenient product is this litter box or tray mat. This is a Petfusion Smartgrip cat litter mat. It helps to prevent slipping and sliding of the tray whenever your cat is using it. It also makes it much easier to deal with the kitty litter spillage that occurs when your cat tries to bury the poop and pee. You can sweep it up off the mat, you can get the mat wet with a cloth, or you can pick up the flexible mat and pour the excess litter back into the litter tray. They come in five different colors and designs including beige twist (the one shown in this picture), beige fusion, gray fusion, gray twist, or sage twist.  Find a lot more details about these mats by clicking the image.

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