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cat shelves

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Cat Shelves

Cat Shelves are the perfect alternative to letting your cats climb up on the furniture and scratch it all up.
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If you are a cat owner, you know very well that cats really love to climb and be up high. They also love to scratch anything they possibly can, such as the carpets and couch.
Both of these issues are solved with Cat Shelves that come in many different styles.

Cat Shelves hang on the wall and give your pet a place to climb and hang out. Lined with carpet-like scratching material so they scratch that instead of your carpet and furniture. This carpet shelf shown here is the “Refined Feline Cat Cloud”.

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Cat Shelves hang on the wall just like a book shelf, and are lined with carpet. Similar to scratching posts, except they save space on the floor, and give your feline a fun way to explore up high.

One suggestion is to get more than one and have them throughout the house, or create a cool little cat playground on the wall!

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More Cat Shelves options
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go pet cat tree


If you would like to get much more elaborate with your cat shelving and you like to spoil your cat, you could find fancy units like this here cat tree. This is the Go Pet Club 77″ cat tree. It also makes for a great looking decoration in your home. This is just one of a bunch of different cat tree designs available. You can browse through them all by clicking the image seen here.

go pet club black cat tree


Here is another cat tree example. I know it kind of negates the original argument about saving space on the floor, but it does provide a very entertaining play station for cat, and makes your cat less likely to destroy your belongings. These cat trees classify more as furniture than shelves, but they include platforms for your cat to climb up high. This particular cat tree shown here includes many things to play with as well as a little cubby hole to hide away in or to sleep in. Click the image for much more information on this one or many others.

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