CDJ 400


cdj 400

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CDJ 400 Turntables

The CDJ 400 is only one model of many available new age turntables. I chose this one to depict here because of the great reviews on Amazon, but you can browse through them all and choose for yourself.
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The CDJ 400 lets you use Cds, or MP3s to mix and scratch music on a small compact portable machine. This particular model has a USB port to access music from your computer.

The CDJ 400 is used by many professional DJs in the industry.

More Turntable options
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cdj 350 digital multi player


This one here is the Pioneer brand CDJ 350 digital multi player and turntable. The CDJ 350 obviously precedes the CDJ 400 model discussed above. This one also has plenty of positive customer reviews that you can read through. Included is the rekordbox music management software. You can find this particular model in this black version shown here, or in a white version. Read more about it by clicking this image.

pioneer cdj 900 nxs nexus professional multi player


Much higher on the quality, and therefore cost end of the scale, you will find this Pioneer brand CDJ 900 NXS digital multi player. This is a very advanced turntable that will satisfy most DJ needs. This one is also compatible with the rekordbox management software. One of the upgraded features from previous models is a more advanced beat divide function. You can also use the wifi and USB functionality using most smart devices. Read more details and see more pictures by clicking the image of the CDJ 900 you see here.

marathon cdj10 flight road case


To keep your multi players safe during travel, you may need to consider specialty flight cases such as the one you see here. There are many to choose from, but the one example shown here is the Marathon professional flight road case. This one will hold two small format CD players. High quality materials went into the design of this DJ equipment case, including industrial strength latches and strong rubber feet. Click the image for more details on this one and a whole host of others.

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