Ceramic Table Lamps


ceramic table lamps

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Ceramic Table Lamps

Many designs of Ceramic Table Lamps can be found from this source. I selected this one out of the bunch as an example based on good customer review ratings. See all available ceramic table lamps through the following link:
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The example of ceramic table lamps you see over to the left is the Ivory ORE International Ceramic Accent Table Lamp. Like I said, the reviews are great on this one, but there are others. You can actually get this one in green and burgundy as well. See more images and details through the following link:
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Ceramic Table Lamps Pros: 

Most customers who have bought these exact ceramic table lamps seem to really be satisfied with it. Very reasonably priced. They are a generic yet classy design that will go with just about any furniture you have.

Ceramic Table Lamps Cons: 

The the majority of customers liked this one, I did notice a couple comments regarding the stability. This one sits ok if untouched, but perhaps not ideal around pets and kids as they tend to wobble or fall over with a small amount of force. There are many other ceramic table lamps besides this one. Check them all out through the links I have provided on this page.

More Ceramic Table Lamp options
Clickable Images

mini ceramic table lamp red


If you are looking for something a bit more decorative and colorful, you could choose a lamp much like the one seen here. This one is the red version of the mini 11 inch ceramic table top lamp with a fabric shade. This one is burgundy, but it also comes in pink. See either one, or read more details about these by clicking the image seen here.

japanese glazed sakura ceramic table lamp


If you are into asian styles and designs, you could take a look at ceramic lamps like the one you see here. This one stands 30 inches high. They call this the glazed Sakura blossom vase lamp. This style is a high shouldered ming era vase lamp design. Check out more images and product details about this one or other other oriental styled ceramic table lamps and furniture by clicking this picture.

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