Chipping Hammer


chipping hammer

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Chipping Hammer

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The Chipping Hammer you see here is the US Forge Welding Economy Chipping Hammer. Amongst the highest in reviews which you can read through the links on this page. This one has a shock absorbing spring and other features:
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Chipping Hammer Pros: 

Great customer feed back, and shock absorbing spring. Also has a smaller end for more focussed needs.

Chipping Hammer Cons: 

As great as it is, you are still using hand power with this tool. You can find power tool versions of this same type of tool as well. Check out more about this hammer, or others through the links I have layed on on this page.

More Chipping Hammer options
Clickable Images

hobart welding chipping hammer


Another version of a chipping hammer offered from this source is the one you see here. The difference with this one is the built in wire brush. The wire brush is replaceable as needed, and the handle is very durable. This chipping hammer is from Hobart and has a few decent customer reviews you can read through. See more details about this one and many other welding tools by clicking this image.

dewalt chipping hammer


Dewalt makes a chipping hammer power tool as seen in this image. This is the compact version at approximately 11 inches tall which allows you to get into tighter spaces much easier. The smaller design also makes it light weight for easy handling.  It is designed with the L shape for maximum leveraging while in use. This chipping tool is powerful enough to handle most projects around the home or the job site. See more images and product details by clicking the picture seen here.

atlas tomahawk chipping hammer


For a more basic and much cheaper option, you can also find these Tomahawk styled chipping hammers. This one is from Atlas, and has a strong hickory handle. Get good use out of both sides. One side is a chisel, and the other side is a cone. Find a whole lot more information about this chipping hammer and others by clicking the image.

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