Christmas advent calendars


Christmas advent calendars

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Christmas Advent Calendars

The Christmas advent calendar is a great tradition that we all remember as a kid. Each day you open up another square to find a surprise, usually chocolate. The Christmas advent calendar comes in a wide selection of styles and surprises. Some of them have chocolate, some have toys, and some have nothing but an image or message. You can browse them all:
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The Christmas Advent Calendar shown here is a really creative version made by the Lego company. A bit more on the costly side, but it it is a unique take on advent calendar styles. Rather than find chocolate in each square, you will find another Lego toy that will eventually add up to create a “Save Santa” theme.

The Christmas Advent Calendar shown in the above image is the Lego version. There is no chocolate, but each square contains another Lego piece. 24 Lego pieces in total. 

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Santa's here chocolate advent calendar


This one is a basic cardboard styled Christmas advent calendar that you are probably used to seeing each year at the local drug store or grocery store. A classic advent calendar version that is made up of 24 different compartments containing gourmet chocolate in each one. You open the perforated window of one of the boxes each day until Christmas. Read more about this exact product or browse through a whole host of other similar Christmas advent calendars by clicking the image.

bucilla must be santa felt advent calendar


Get more creative with your Christmas advent calendar with this felt version which brings the idea more to life than just cheap cardboard. There are many different styles of this concept from this source, this is just one example. This is the Bucilla must be Santa felt Christmas advent calendar. One customer used this calendar in a very unique way. They simply tied a looped string to the end of each little ornament, so that they could be hung on the tree as Christmas tree ornaments one by one as they are taken out of the pockets representing each day. This could make for a whole new unique family tradition and the kids would love it. See more details about this one and many other similar products by clicking the image.

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