Christmas Gift Boxes


Christmas gift boxes

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Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas Gift Boxes can be found in a variety of styles and sizes. You can also find holiday themed gift boxes for other occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays.
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Above is an image of an example of Christmas gift boxes you can buy online. These ones are green and gold, but you also have the option to cover them up with wrapping paper, but then what would be the point?

More Christmas Gift Boxes
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lighted gift boxes


These are a set of three lighted gift boxes. They are wrapped with strings of light. This set is all connected together and you plug into the wall. You will get 3 gift boxes as seen in this photo. A larger sized red striped box, a medium sized green striped box, and a smaller blue striped box.  Click the image for more details about this set of three or other sets.

3d christmas gift boxes


These are called 3D Christmas gift boxes with bows. They come as a 12 pack and they are not that big. Perfect for party favors or small goody packages. Also a good idea for giving the gift of smaller baked goods. All of them are 6 inches by 6 inches in size, and they are all cardboard. As you can see in the image, there are a few different designs that you do not get to choose upon ordering. Your set of 12 will be an assortment of the different styles, but they will all be the same size. Click the image for much more information.

gingerbread cardboard treat boxes


Another creative way to give Christmas gifts during the holiday season is by using specialty boxes like the one you see pictured here. The standard use of these are to give treats and baked goods, but you could use them for pretty much anything that will fit. The gift box shown here is designed to look like a gingerbread house. Click the image for more information about this cardboard gingerbread house treat box or other similar products.

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