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church chairs

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Church Chairs

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One style of church chairs is the HERCULES Series 21” Extra Wide Stacking Church Chair with 4” Thick Seat, which is the one shown here. You can select from several different colors.
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Church Chairs Pros:

 This particular church chair has a booklet pouch on the back, and the chair has the “waterfall” design for better comfort on the legs. Many positive customer reviews that you can read through any link on this page.

Church Chairs Cons: 

The closest thing to a negative comment I could find on this specific chair is the fact that there is some assembly required when it ships to you. Read all reviews and product descriptions through any link on this page.

More Church Chairs
Clickable Images

hercules church chair communion cup book rack


This here is pretty much the same church chair as discussed above, except this one is the burgundy version that also includes the rack underneath to hold bibles or other booklets and pamphlets whether it be in a church setting or a conference room, whatever your needs are for these chairs. Once again, this specific design includes the feature of having a waterfall seat, which means less leg strain. I am showing this angle from the back to give you a full view of the chair design as well as the open rack in the back. Obviously, you will notice that the rack opens in the back which means these are designed to be set up in multiples and in rows. The person seated in the chair behind this one would be the one utilizing the book rack of the chair in front. This one also includes a pouch on the back of the chair just like the church chair I talked about above. Click the image for much more information about these and other similar church chairs.

stacking chair multi purposes


For a more standard and more inexpensive option, you could take a look at chairs like these ones pictured here. These are a basic multi-purpose chair that can be used as decent church chairs, weddings, presentations, banquets, or a variety of other functions. Click on the picture you see here for a lot more information.

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